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The Archetype of a Sale – Trust

Gain Their Trust, Win Their Sale Todd Duncan explains how to quickly establish trust with your clients and make the sale. Todd  Duncan In a recent Gallup poll on professions that people trust, sales ranked in the lower 10 percent. Clearly, the profession of selling doesn’t get high marks, but therein lies the opportunity for sales professionals […]

Archetype Inc Portland Fun Fact of the Day #20

Oregon residents own one-fourth of the country’s total llama population.

Portland Fun Fact of the Day #17

Downtown Portland is famous for its beautiful fountains, especially the Ira Keller fountain with its multitude of levels and waterfalls. However, you can do something in the Portland fountains that is not usually allowed in fountains elsewhere. What is that? Go SWIMMING!   As Walt Lockley described the Ira Keller fountain (click here for some gorgeous […]

Portland Fun Fact of the Day #16

If you live in Lake Oswego, then chances are you’re not a native Oregonian. You’re likely to be from California or New York. That explains why real estate prices are higher here. Then again, so is the appreciation.