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Archetype Inc joins Playworks for the 2012 Portland Shamrock Run

        We are joining Playworks, a nonprofit organization for Portland’s Shamrock Run this year.  Several of our representatives will be participating in the 15K. Of all the organizations we could have joined we are proud to be part of the Playworks team because we feel like they are the “Archetype” of their […]

Archetype Inc Portland Fun Fact of the Day #30

There is an actual organization with the moniker “Keep Portland Weird!” Don MacLeod, owner of “Music Millennium”, one of the oldest record stores in the Northwest, founded “Keep Portland Weird” to help keep one of the main sources of PDX weirdness- its unique local businesses- alive.

Archetype Inc Portland Fun Fact fo the Day #29

Portland is home to much public art. One of the most notable pieces is known to locals as “Pull My Finger.” Located in front of the Michael Graves building in downtown Portland, Portlandia, resembling a female Neptune, but in reality modeled after the city seal, holds a trident in her left hand and holds her […]

Archetype Inc Portland Fun Fact of the Day #27

Every square inch of the 24 Hour Church of Elvis, located for most of its history on Ankeny St., was covered with odd things. Vending machines, some of which spoke to you, might disgorge a trinket. For a price, you could get married… to yourself, someone else, your dog, the Universe… no discrimination here! Alas, […]