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Archetype Inc joins Playworks for the 2012 Portland Shamrock Run

        We are joining Playworks, a nonprofit organization for Portland’s Shamrock Run this year.  Several of our representatives will be participating in the 15K. Of all the organizations we could have joined we are proud to be part of the Playworks team because we feel like they are the “Archetype” of their […]

Just How Risky Is Entrepreneurship, Really? Archetype Inc Reviews…

by BRUCE GIBNEY AND KEN HOWERY Bruce Gibney and Ken Howery are partners at Founders Fund. There are two views on entrepreneurship in America: the first (largely feigned), that it is a pure virtue like freedom of speech or religion, and the second (real) attitude that it is largely a game for the naïve. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, […]

Archetype Inc Portland Fun Fact of the Day #31

And now for more bizarre public artwork! Count Alexander von Svoboda unleashed a monstrosity carved from a 190-ton chunk of white Carerra marble upon an unsuspecting Portland public. The sculpture, created for what was then the Georgia-Pacific building, is officially known as “Quest.” Locals, however, give it a much earthier appellation, a play on the […]

Archetype Inc Portland Fun Fact of the Day #30

There is an actual organization with the moniker “Keep Portland Weird!” Don MacLeod, owner of “Music Millennium”, one of the oldest record stores in the Northwest, founded “Keep Portland Weird” to help keep one of the main sources of PDX weirdness- its unique local businesses- alive.

Archetype Inc Portland Fun Fact of the Day #28

Powell’s has several sites in the Portland area, as well as an online presence. Its flagship store on Burnside is a bibliophile’s dream, covering an entire city block and three stories high, with over 68,000 SF of book-selling space offering both new and used books. Its owner, Michael Powell, has championed liberal causes from gay […]

Archetype Inc Portland Fun Fact of the Day #27

Every square inch of the 24 Hour Church of Elvis, located for most of its history on Ankeny St., was covered with odd things. Vending machines, some of which spoke to you, might disgorge a trinket. For a price, you could get married… to yourself, someone else, your dog, the Universe… no discrimination here! Alas, […]

Archetype Inc Portland Fun Fact of the Day #26

Portland is one of those few places in the world where real estate prices go up when there’s a good independent coffee shop in the neighborhood. Starbucks just doesn’t cut it.