Archetype Inc is an organization developed on the belief that the best approach to marketing is based on personal communication. We are a business focused on the understanding that our people are our future.

Archetype Inc. is an outsourced sales and marketing firm responsible for executing sales and client acquisitions for Fortune 50 and 500 companies.  Our face-to-face marketing approach gives our clients an edge over their competitors. By using our proven marketing strategy, our team is able to reach a greater number of potential customers, and consequently increase our clients market share. This is something that could make or break any large company in todays competitive market.

The success of our company is in part, due to our marketing approach, in which we solidify the relationships between our clients and their customers. Our future as an outsourced marketing company will grow to exceed the expectations of any industry and provide services to our clients that are second to none.  Outsourced marketing is pushing the forefront of sales and marketing for all major companies and we expect Archetype to be leading the way.


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  1. Hello,

    I recently saw a job listing on craigslist for Training Entry Level Positions, but was unable to open the email link with my browser.
    If possible I would like to obtain the email address or any other information about applying for this position.

    Thank you for your time.

    Sonja Pernela

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