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Archetype Inc joins Playworks for the 2012 Portland Shamrock Run

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We are joining Playworks, a nonprofit organization for Portland’s Shamrock Run this year.  Several of our representatives will be participating in the 15K. Of all the organizations we could have joined we are proud to be part of the Playworks team because we feel like they are the “Archetype” of their field.  Playworks is the only nonprofit organization in the country providing trained, full-time play coaches focused on recess to hundreds of low-income schools in major urban areas.  They also provide training and technical assistance to schools, districts and youth organizations that wish to include inclusive, healthy play as part of a positive learning environment.
One of our representatives, also a former school teacher, became familiar with Playworks and presented their organization to us.  We are a company that wants to support nonprofit organizations that are making a real difference in real time.  Schools involved with Playworks have seen a difference in how children interact with each other, and engage in school, ultimately leading to future success in and out of school.  This kind of organization shares the ideology and understanding that our children are our future.  It is important our children learn how to have effective play, reducing trouble in school, including bullying.
We are excited for our pre-run Happy Hour with Playworks at Blitz tonight to celebrate!
Check out last year’s Shamrock Run!

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