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Be 212º

The idea of “being 212” is something that I spoke about yesterday at meeting.  At 211 degrees, water is very hot, but at 212 degrees, water boils, and can power a steam engine.  “Be 212” has been our slogan this week implying that that the 1 extra degree makes all the difference in one’s results.

This is what we are going to focus on in terms of our work ethic, our student mentality, and the effort that we put into the things we do everyday.  The extra 10 minutes that someone puts in everyday to doing something useful in regards to learning or sharpening the saw will account for a big difference at the end of a week or year professionally.

On a personal level, the extra 10 minutes or extra degree of effort that one puts towards a personal relationship will make a big impact on how that relationship will develop.

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