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How To Profit From A Great Personality

See how you can turn your winning personality into a great-paying job!

By Chris Kyle

Are you an extrovert? A people person? A crowd pleaser?

Consider channeling your winning personality into a pretty paycheck.

Just remember that even with a great personality, you’ll need some training.

“Education is always a good thing…” says Mitchell York, a New York-based career coach.”…[A]nd, in some cases, it’s mandatory.”

Take a look at some of these great-paying careers that extroverts can excel in – then see how you can get in on the action!

Career #1: Sales Manager
Personality Profile: Intelligent, outgoing people who can work a room and make connections easily

Sales managers direct sales teams and must be able to maintain a steady base of relationships that can lead to potential customers. The ability to interact with people in all kinds of situations, whether it’s face-to-face, by phone or email, is crucial.

Education: There is no formal degree program for sales, but earning a bachelor’s degree in business administrationmarketing, or communications can give you the broad business background that you’ll need to succeed. An MBA could help a sales rep move into management.

Average Annual Salary: $97,260

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Career #2: Public Relations Specialist
Personality Profile: Friendly, well-spoken people who can operate in the spotlight

PR specialists work with the public, communicating their organization’s message, writing press releases, and briefing the media. In some cases, they also serve as the face and voice of their company, which means personality and propriety are key.

Education: You can learn different communication techniques and strategies while receiving your bachelor’s in journalism, marketing/communications, or public relations.

Average Annual Salary: $51,280

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Career #3: Emergency Room RN
Personality Profile: Caring and congenial pros who can stay cool – and perform – under pressure

ER nurses must be able to give care, advice, and emotional support to patients with a wide variety of personalities and backgrounds in this fast-paced occupation.

Education: Most ER nurses are registered nurses who have earned a nursing degree. If you want to get ahead in the field, consider an advanced nursing certificate program that covers triage and trauma care.

Average Annual Salary: $62,450

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Career #4: Personal Financial Advisor
Personality Profile: Sharp, personable people who can figure out their clients’ goals and make the complex world of finance accessible

Personal financial advisors help people map out their short- and long-term financial goals. A big part of the job involves meeting and landing new clients, so those with an outgoing and friendly personality could fare well.

Education: A bachelor’s degree is a must for this job. Focus your studies in an area like accounting, finance,business, economics, or mathematics. An MBA can certainly help too, as can periodic courses in areas like tax laws, estate planning, and risk management.

Average Annual Salary: $69,050

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Career #5: Marketing Manager
Personality Profile: Smart, strategic thinkers who can get both an internal team – and the public – excited about a product

Marketing managers must able to supervise a team and empathize and connect with customers who may see the world in a very different way. The ability to think quickly and creatively while adapting to a changing marketplace is also important.

Education: Start with a bachelor’s in business administration, then build your credentials and knowledge with an MBA.

Average Annual Salary: $108,580

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Career #6: Meeting and Convention Planner
Personality Profile: Detail-oriented socialistas who know how to get things done on time and on a budget

Putting together a convention is a lot like planning a party. The responsibilities can run from developing and marketing the event to planning travel arrangements and setting up audio-visual equipment.

Education: In recent years, the job has become increasingly complex, with employers now usually requiring a bachelor’s degree. Studying marketing or business is a good place to start.

Average Annual Salary: $44,260

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Career #7: Paralegal
Personality Profile: Friendly, dependable communicators who are patient and organized

Paralegals, also called legal assistants, must be good communicators who can work well with lawyers and clients. Since the job often requires long hours, employers carefully consider a candidate’s personality. Loyalty and confidentiality are also highly valued personal traits.

Education: An associate’s degree in paralegal studies, which you can earn in as little as 18 months, can get your career started. You may also want to consider a paralegal certificate program.

Average Annual Salary: $46,120

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All salary data is from the U.S. Department of Labor and represents median annual wages in May 2008.

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